The action or process of supplying goods to stores that sell to consumers.



We create strong partnerships with our name brand distributors to provide them access to high-income markets with discretionary consumers. Our distributors receive:


  • Big Box, anchor tenant locations ( average size of 200,000 sq.ft.) to showcase products.
  • Dedicated On-line platform to load products into our system and track sales.

How it Works

Big Box. Reinvented.

  1. Distributor loads products directly into our platform and ships a sample to our stores (if applicable).
  2. Consumers make selections in our stores or online and complete purchases directly on their devices or any of our self-checkout, digital catalog stations.
  3. Orders are sent directly to distributors for guaranteed fulfillment to consumers. No middleman. No Hassles.
  4. Our Members enjoy a Money Back Guarantees on all our products. All refunds and exchanges are sent directly to the distributor.

Let’s work together

For more information please contact:

Marco Revah

National Real Estate Director
[email protected]


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